Beneath Average

Dear Planet Earth,

I guess it would make sense to explain the title of our little experiment here.  I got my first midterm report card of the year last week and was upset (or the closest you can get to “upset” when it comes to these trivial things) to see some comments made by some of my teachers.  They all echoed the same points about a lack of motivation, not willing to go the extra step, yadda, yadda, yadda.  The one that really got to me though said that my overall performance in class was “beneath average.”  Fucking Mr. Plouthem.

First of all, the phrase should be “below average,” for any of you who haven’t paid attention to achievement-descriptive terms that have been used for the past 200 years, most notably in schools.  Second, what word in the English language is more subjective than “average” (besides, perhaps “subjective”)?  What is average?  Who decides which social mores of our civilization contribute to or harm the whole of humanity?  Would my bland subservience to educators be perceived as “lazy” in Soviet Russia?  Would my doodling during Calculus (a subject that a college-bound liberal arts student needs why?) be seen as anything but “creativity” in the idealized 22nd century classroom promoting hands-on learning?

Whew.  Now that I read back on that, it all sounds a little self-righteous, doesn’t it?  Too many rhetorical questions.  But I needed to get that off my chest, and I need to keep exploring the idea of what is “beneath average.”  If that makes any sense.


One comment

  1. nooneofanyimport

    Thanks for visiting and commenting at mine. You are correct about that term, “average.” I like the way you just go ahead and wear the insult as a badge of pride: “below average.”

    best to you

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