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Dear Planet Earth,

So, this was a pretty interesting news day, huh?  On top of Steve Jobs dying, Chris Christie and Sarah Palin finally confirmed what they’d been saying all along.  I’ve only been paying attention to politics for the past year or so, but I really have to say that it doesn’t look a whole lot different from the dramas playing out on TMZ (which explains a lot of the overlap).

The one piece of news that really stuck out to me and seemed to go under the rest of the press’s radar was presidential candidate Herman Cain’s comments about the protests on Wall Street.  This guy wants to be president of the United States and he actually said these words: “Don’t blame Wall Street.  Don’t blame the big banks.  If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.”  Well, that really got my (and I would hope, any rational and moral person’s) blood boiling.

This afternoon, I spent a good part of the day wandering the lower part of the Strip with some friends and, as usual, found a homeless man begging for money.  He smelled awful and had a terrible gash on his knee completely uncovered.  He was tan, tanner than any homeless person I’d seen before, and he was asking for just a dollar.  A single dollar to turn his life around and get him the American dream he was promised.

Of course, I ignored him.  My friends and I used a fake ID to buy beer and got drunk behind the Stratosphere.  But I couldn’t get the image of the homeless guy out of my head.  Two hours and three bottles later, all I could see was the guy’s rocking silhouette in front of a long line of neon lights and limousines.  And am I any better than Herman Cain?  Would Mr. Cain really tell this guy that he just needs to get his act together?  Would Mr. Cain visit the tent cities across the country and preach to them to stop being so lazy?

I really don’t want this to turn into yet another political blog, but his comments really got to me tonight.  On a lighter note, Russell Crowe’s going to be in the next Superman movie.


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