Dear Planet Earth,

As I alluded to yesterday, and as some news sites are actually reporting, it has now been three days since the world lost contact with the earthquake relief workers in Uganda.  This may be due to a loss of radio towers in the area or even an influx of magnetic metals that has moved up to the planet’s crust and is interfering with satellites.  The more people they send in, the less we seem to know.

No matter what’s going on in there, we can safely assume that it’s an unprecedented level of devastation that goes beyond any average earthquake.  Before we lost contact with media on the ground, the earth was apparently still shaking for the past eight days and the tremors grew large enough so as to affect southern Sudan.  The death toll was at 73,000.

I’ve mentioned this before, but in situations like these every person can make a difference, even if it’s only five dollars at a time.  Please donate to AmeriCares and support Uganda in their time of need.



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