The Other Message

Dear Planet Earth,

I’m not sure if anyone can actually read this or not.  Every major website is still offline since the cyber attack on Sunday.  I was only able to access my blog after one of my friends showed me an easy way to hack in.  The coding is apparently a lot more simple than most “real” news sites.

You can imagine my surprise when I found this message on my blog and every other page on the Internet.  Like the last mysterious message that dominated cyberspace, this one is written with foreign characters (Korean), but it’s just one long string of nonsense.  I assume that this message was likewise meant to be typed on a different keyboard layout.

The biggest news, of course, is the fact that there is no news.  Every television and radio station is still broadcasting nothing but static and every GSM cell phone is now just a paperweight.  It’s hard to tell if we’re in a state of emergency or not with so many spam messages going around.  How/Could the government communicate to people in a situation like this?  Are we in real danger or are we just not able to communicate the way we did twenty years ago?



  1. Not Blind

    the new world order is making their moves. this was all predicted years ago but discarded as nothing more than “conspiracy theories”. obama/bush/clinton have been their puppets all along. wake up people!

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