Dear Planet Earth,

Seriously — WTF?! If you’ve been on any website in the past 24 hours, you’ve undoubtedly seen this threatening message floating through cyberspace. Like the last two cryptic messages that posted themselves, this latest one has some characters written on a different keyboard layout. This time, however, the message switches from the foreign alphabet (Arabic) into the English one, and goes to great lengths to deride our civilization for ruining the planet, or “surface world.”

I’m tempted to once again just write these messages off as an elaborate hoax by Anonymous or Lulzsec or some other hacker group hoping to take advantage of our collective lack of communication. But then there’s the smaller, more pragmatic voice inside me that I never listen to, suggesting that this may actually be the real McCoy, our unknown villains with the power to create earthquakes and worldwide media blackouts. Thank God I don’t listen to that voice.


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