Pass the Ambien

Dear Planet Earth,

It’s Turkey Day, and I feel like a chicken. Some army guy just gave me my netbook back and said I could blog away. He smiled and said I should tell my “legions of fans” (his voice was practically oiled in sarcasm) to stay as far away from the “drills” as possible. If that wasn’t ominous enough, he also said I’d be receiving a visit from a General Talpa soon.

I was in too terrified a state to ask him about anything, but at least I’m starting to feel things again. I haven’t had a wink of sleep since they imprisoned me. The constant noises outside are a mixture of shouting, beeping tower cranes, and what has to be dynamite. For the few moments my subconscious does take over and I enter dreamland, I see vivid glimpses of Diana’s red corpse and I instantly wake up to harsh, conclusive reality.

This may be my last post for a while since these canvas tent cells don’t come included with power outlets. Gobble, gobble.


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