Apocalypse Now, Please

Dear Planet Earth,

You’d think the tension and fear of the entire world coming to an end would put a fire under my feet to actually go out and do something. You’d be wrong.

I’ve just felt lazy for the past couple of days. As strange as it may seem, I’ve completely adjusted to life on an always-alert military base and entered a static mindset that can only be described as boredom. I’ve been tempted on more than one occasion to go outside the tent here and scream at the mocking, silent drill, “Just do something already!”

Unfortunately, I have more self-restraint than that.

The one thing I am planning is to find General Talpa and see if he can spare some guys to help me find Diana and give her a proper burial. It could open a huge can of worms and put more suspicion on me than I need (it was pretty nice of them to ignore the fact that I arrived here covered in someone else’s blood), but at least something would change around here.



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