Two Friends

Dear Planet Earth,

It’s a sad day when you realize you only have two friends in the entire world. My only consolation is the thought that either most humans still have no access to the Internet or they’re dead.

If you’re out there and able to read this, please try to make contact on here, Facebook, or Twitter. We can find you, and protect you, and offer you the chance to fight against the mole people. We can offer you hope.

Speaking of which, General Talpa is supposed to be visiting me soon. I’m praying he’ll let me come along with them again since the swelling in my leg is now down to the size of only two watermelons and the pain is back at Pauly Shore levels.


One comment

  1. Gary Tudor

    All of us here in Detroit still don’t have access to social media sites. We’re lucky enough to be able to get some info from blogs and newsgroups. Keep trying to spread the message. We all need hope. Whether you get that from God, others, or yourself doesn’t matter. Keep the flames of hope alive and we can survive against anything!!!!

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