Shopping Trip

Dear Planet Earth,

We’ll be leaving soon. Half of us, anyway. A resistance formed among the resistance, only instead of fighting against the invading mole people, they led a coup against General Talpa and his remaining soldiers.

“Coup” might be a bit of a stretch, but the point is, a group of us civilians are determined to raid the nearest shopping center for food and other supplies, and the military isn’t having any of it. Talpa offered to lend some weapons and five soldiers to help us, but remained steadfast in his belief that we should stay at the library until we know more about the enemy’s deadly drill snake, namely if it’s far, far away.

I was able to share a couple words with him this morning. He said he wouldn’t try to stop me from going, just to be safe and take it easy on my leg. I’ve been walking around fairly normal now, even without the cane. I tried doing some sprints when no one was around and only fell on my face like an antagonistic cartoon character three times.

I’m just excited to finally get out of here. I might even score a gun and kill some mole men if I’m lucky. It can’t be harder than playing Call of Duty, right?


One comment

  1. Suzie

    That’s the problem wih you kids today. You think killing someone is like playing a video game. You’re in the real world now, try walking and running without falling, before you get your hands on a gun. Better yet find some food and leave the real fighting to the men.

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