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Dear Planet Earth,

With Dr. Eimer and I the only civilians on base, security is pretty lax for our prisoner. At least that’s the excuse I’ve been hearing all day from our nation’s last line of defense.

“Martha” escaped. She ripped out the throat of one of the guards with her teeth — her fucking teeth — took his pistol, and went on to kill three more soldiers. I knew one of them. Mendoza. He’s the one who first questioned me when I drove up here, bloody and suicidal. I spoke with him a couple times after that and decided he’s a pretty decent guy. He was a pretty decent guy.

The whole base is on high alert, complete with round the clock sirens and floodlights. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep last night, though I’ll never know if it was because of the noise or the incessant thoughts of my throat being torn out by a crazed homeless woman.

Lieutenant Christiansen and the rest of the Beetle Baileys won’t tell me why they’re so intent on catching her, or what she knows, or if she’s still even within the perimeter. Insomnia, here I come.


The Universe

Dear Planet Earth,

Speaking of imperative social issues, I’m not sure how I feel about the future of the DC Universe.  In case that made absolutely no sense to you, DC Comics recently decided to start all of their titles over again with all new story lines.  This means Superman, Batman, and yes, even Red Tornado will start all the way back at issue one.

Except these new issues aren’t issues at all in the physical sense, but solely digital comics.  And although many of these titles are labeled #1, they don’t present our heroes from their origins.  In fact, the Blue Boy Scout and the Dark Knight are supposedly already well-known heroes in the new universe.  The whole situation is confusing and makes me wonder why I spent years and years reading these stories if they don’t even matter in the current continuity.

On the other hand, you do need to mix things up every twenty years or so.  Lord knows Marvel has its share of characters who could use an edgy update.

Well, this is slowly turning into a very nerdy blog, isn’t it?